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22 Children from Albury C of E Primary and Puller Memorial C of E schools started their summer term swimming lessons using the school pool and changing facilities. Using external swimming coaches the children developed their confidence in the water, developing basic swimming skills while the more able swimmers developed their swimming techniques and stroke effectiveness.


To allow the children from local state schools to access swimming provision as part of their PE curriculum. 

The cost of hiring a local authority pool and transport was prohibitive and would have meant that no swimming provision was available to the children outside of private lessons after school.

We were able to provide both the use of our pool and provide transport using our school minibuses.

Staff from Albury and Puller and the children themselves said "it was great ... cannot wait to come back next week."


The school offered the use of our facilities to local primary schools at the start of the academic Year 2021-2022.

We received a number of responses and timetabled swimming sessions for Albury and Puller Memorial.

St Joseph's In The Park has a had a relationship with Albury and Puller Memorial since 2014 including CPD opportunities - staff visiting and sharing ideas and good practice, sporting and academic opportunities and challenges.


To ensure the success of this partnership we were able to offer the use of our pool, changing facilities and minibuses with drivers.

Teachers and LSAs from school are involved in this partnership. 3 school staff are involved and this partnership activity will last for the entire summer term.

there is no financial obligation for Albury and Puller Memorial schools apart from paying directly for the swimming coaches.


At the end of the summer term most children will be expected to be able to swim a length of the pool 'unaided' and grow in confidence in and around the water - understanding the safety aspects of using a swimming pool.

Ability assessments are carried out by qualified swimming coaches at the start and during lessons allowing children to move 'up' ability groups as they develop their swimming skills.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils attending these swimming sessions are Years 3 and 4 - 8-9 years old. All sessions are mixed gender.


This partnership event is a weekly activity that will last for the entire Summer Term.