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Wizard Chess

Mr Thomas, Howell’s Chess Master, has developed an interactive and fun filled workshop to engage primary school children with the game of chess. The workshop begins by introducing the basics of chess, including a summary of the importance and job of each of the chess pieces. After an hour of interaction and explanations, the children are then set the task of playing against one another in a safe and friendly environment. The children are often of different abilities and this is taken into account by the Chess Master when he selects opponents.


The aim of the event is to introduce primary school children to chess.


• 1 chess master/workshop leader
• Chess boards and pieces
• Refreshments for the children
• 1-2 member(s) of Howell’s staff
• Venue - Howell’s Senior Library


The workshop helps children to develop their analytical skills and strategic skills. 

Pupil Involvement

40 local primary school children take part in the event.




It is an annual event that lasts for 2 hours.