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Blow Your Own Trumpet

With the cuts to local music services, Howell’s is looking to fill some of these gaps by taking its Blow Your Own Trumpet project into local primary schools. Howell’s Junior School Music Department, along with the Junior School Brass Trio, ‘Polished Brass’, leads an annual musical workshop for Year 5 students from local maintained school, Herbert Thompson Primary School. The workshop gives the students the chance to learn about brass instruments and learn to play a trumpet, cornet, baritone or trombone.


The aim is to give local primary school children, who would otherwise not have the chance, the opportunity to learn about and play a brass instrument.


• 3 members of Howell’s staff
• Brass instruments


Howell’s has received many positive comments and lots of big smiles when the boys and girls got a sound out of their instruments for the first time.

“The workshop was great. The children thoroughly enjoyed it, some discovered a new talent! The leaders were great with them too. It was lovely to have the 3 girls there too, to show the children what they could achieve!”
Fiona Guy, Year 5 teacher, Herbert Thompson Primary School

Pupil Involvement

60 local primary school children benefit from the event annually.


It is an annual event and lasts for approximately 2 hours.