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Theatrical Experiences

Howell’s offers local primary school children the opportunity to attend concerts and shows at the school. Many of the children who attend these performances would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend shows or concerts.  The performances they join us for include:
• Howell’s biennial musical (The Sound of Music October 2015).
• Junior School Christmas Show
• Junior School Summer Show.


The aim is give students the opportunity to see theatrical and musical performances.


• Refreshments
• Venues – The Great Hall or the Sports Hall
• 3 Members Howell’s staff.


The performances instil a love of theatre and music in children and encourage students to take part in musical and theatrical activities.

Pupil Involvement

On average 290 pupils from a local state primary schools attended the performances during the year.


Schools are invited to 3 performances per year and the duration of each performance varies.