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Big Ideas Day

Howell’s runs an annual entrepreneurial experience ‘Big Ideas Day’ for secondary school students. The students take part in a Dragon’s Den/Apprentice style challenge. They are split into groups and asked to come up with innovative ideas to raise funds for charities. Each group presents its ideas, which are judged by prolific entrepreneurs, fundraisers and marketing aficionados. 

A follow up event 2 months later is run by HSL to consolidate the learning from this workshop.


The aim of the event is to provide secondary school students with the chance to take part in a challenge to develop their entrepreneurial skills.


• 4 members of Howell’s staff
• Refreshments
• Stationery
• Venue – The Great Hall.


The event gives students the opportunity to develop many skills including: Team work, confidence, presentational, entrepreneurship, fundraising and marketing.

Pupil Involvement

40 Year 11 students from a local maintained secondary school.