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Whizz Bang Science

Whizz Bang Science is a scheme that takes Science experiments out to local junior schools. A group of Year 12 Howell’s students meet every fortnight to research and plan sets of experiments based around a theme. So far, they have developed experiments on the theme of magic potions and also one about rockets (forces). They have had to consider health and safety aspects together with the ease of transporting the apparatus, but most importantly, design experiments which will have a ‘wow’ factor.


The aim of the Whizz Bang Science is to engage Year 5 and 6 students with science in a fun and innovative way.


• Scientific equipment
• Transport for the Year 12 Howell’s students to and from the local primary schools


The experiments address current curriculum requirements and are designed so that the Year 5 and 6 students can do it themselves under the supervision of our Year 12 students. It highlights the fact that science is fun and interesting.
Quote from Science Teacher and Coordinator of Whizz Bang Science:
“I believe that Whizz Bang Science is a benefit to both the student demonstrators and the Junior School students. Everybody involved gains an insight and enthusiasm from the project”.

Pupil Involvement

100 local primary school children benefit from the scheme annually


It is an annual scheme and each session is approximately 1 hour.