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Wellbeing Talk on Mental Health for Staff and Parents

A talk on Mental Health for teenagers and young adults was delivered to both staff and parents. Teachers and parents from secondary schools in Calne were invited.


To inform parents and staff about how to support children and students and to provide strategies to help them support emotional wellbeing.


Our speaker has been visiting St Mary's over recent years. When meeting the Mayor of Calne, the Head of Community Outreach learnt that one of his priorities for 2019-20 was to support the mental health of students in Calne. Teachers and parents from the other Calne secondary schools were invited.  


A suitable venue as well as an informative speaker along wiht an engaged audience. 

St Mary's covered expenses. 


Parents and teachers found the talk to be informative and were fully engaged. They left with a greater understanding of how to support teenagers and young adults.

It provided an opportunity for the staff from St Mary's and Springfields to meet and establish contact. 

Pupil Involvement

Pupils were not directly involved in the activity but will hopefully have benefited as a consequence.


The next time that the speaker returns to St Mary's we shall extend an invitation once again.