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Classical Symposium

We held a Classical Symposium at St Mary's. Students from a number of schools who are studying Classics in Year 11 upwards were invited to attend for a day to hear talks and participate in discussions on Ovid, Homer, Tacitus and Material Culture given respectively by Professor Stephen Oakley of Emmanuel College Cambridge, Dr Daniel Jolowicz of Kings London, Professor Stephen Oakley and Professor Amy Smith of Reading University.


To widen the classical experience of all students regardless of their school or background by listening to academics in the subject areas of Love poetry, Homeric epic, History and Material culture.


St Mary's Head of Classics decided to run an academic study day and invited the speakers and subequently sent out details to these schools who responded well.


Effective communication, good speakers, and a good refreshments.

St Mary's Calne hosted the event.

External speakers from universtites led the sessions.

St Mary's Calne covered the cost of travel expenses for speakers and refreshments for all. Students did not pay to attend. 


Students were led forward in their thinking in a day intended to stimulate them academically. The day was intentionally not exam orientated. Greater exposure and experience aided discussion in subsequent lessons.

It provided an opportunity for staff to network.

Students enthused by classics.

Pupil Involvement

Lectures were followed by question and answer sessions. The St Mary’s girls acted as hosts and took the visitors on tours of the school.

Year 11 upwards but most were Sixth Formers.  A mixture of male and female students participated.


Single event to be held every 3-5 years.