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Oxford Interview Preparation

The girls at St Mary’s have the opportunity to take part in practice Oxbridge Interviews delivered by an external company (parent paid). As a result of the girls taking part in these interviews, Oxfizz are able to offer local state school students the same opportunity at a means-tested rate. St Mary’s facilitates the interviews by organising the logistics and communicating with students.


The aim is to help facilitate local students applying to Oxbridge with a practice interview.

Children from St Mary's and local schools who take part in the practice interviews benefit.


When we were looking to provide practice interviews for our students we chose a not for profit organisation who offer the opportunity to other students as a result of our business.

This partnership has been in place for seven years. 


To run effectively it requires effective communication and time to set up the interview schedule. A suitable venue with individual interview rooms is also required. 


Following the experience students feel better prepared and more confident as they approach interviews. 

Pupil Involvement

Year 12 and 13 students, both male and female, from St Mary's and local schools participate. 


This event happens on an annual basis.