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Introduction to German Day for Year 5 Pupils

St Mary's Calne hosted an 'Introduction to German' day and hosted Year 5 pupils from various schools, including Cherhill Primary and Fynamore Primary Schools. The children greatly enjoyed the day, which culminated with 'Franzi's birthday party' and singing in German!


To introduce Year 5 pupils from visiting schools to the German language and culture.


The project was initiated by our German teacher, who also liaised with the Goethe-Institut who filmed the sessions to create a 'best practice' video for the teaching of German, which was subsequently posted on their website and in the Goethe-Institut's newsletter.


The day involved teaching and non-teaching staff, the use of school facilities, and the involvement of the Goethe-Institut.


The aim of the day was to inspire pupils to take German as a language option when they start at their senior schools and to give them a 'taster' of German language and culture.

Pupil Involvement

The project involved Year 5 pupils from local primary schools.