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Weekly ancient Greek classes

Each week, St Mary’s offers ancient Greek classes to pupils of a local inter-church comprehensive school. The classes run after school each Wednesday and look to harness St Mary’s professional expertise in this area, for the benefit of our local community. The classes lead to a GCSE in Classical Greek.


To provide the opportunity for students to study a Classical language.


The project is now in its 9th year.


Two teachers each provide a weekly 90 minute session on-site at St Mary’s. One teacher is responsible for the ‘first year’ and ‘second year’ students respectively.


Students studying the previous course (which led to a short course GCSE) earned the qualification, with a large number of  A* grades.  The first cohort taking the new 9-1 GCSE will sit their exams in 2018.

Pupil Involvement

St Bedes' offers the course to selected students in Years 9 and 10  From this we have had up to 10 students participating in any given year.



Weekly, ongoing.