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Strategic Partnership with local state secondary school

Our partnership with St Bede's Inter-Church School, a local state secondary school, is based on shared Christian values.  Students and staff in both schools benefit from a wide range of collaborations.

Working with St Bede's, we have created a values-driven partnership.  This has evolved to include a range of academic, vocational, technical and extra-curricular initiatives for students in both schools.

By learning together, our students and those at St Bede's gain insight into different experiences and perspectives.


Partnership activities include:

  • Classical Greek and Latin - St Bede's students join our girls to study Classical Greek and Latin at GCSE.  This extends the curriculum options at St Bede's and boosts participation in our smallest classes.
  • Modern Foreign Languages - we also offer St Bede's students the opportunity to take Spanish GCSE through St Mary's School.
  • Enrichment - shared internal enrichment rescources with all St Bede's Year 11 students.  This Pre-Sixth Form programme included a wealth of materials and suggestions to get students thinking about the subjects they had chosen to study at A Level. 
  • Governance - as a governor for St Bede's, our Headmistress is able to offer her perspective as a school leader in a different educational sector.
  • Professional development - teaching staff from both schools collaborate to enhance their professional experience. This includes sharing exprience at INSET days and Initial Teacher Training. Some of these projects have been facilitated by Independent Thinkers Education. 
  • Sharing resources - we share transport with St Bede's to attend diocesan events and members of the local clergy work with both schools to provide chaplaincy support.
  • Enrichment - working with St Bede's, we have created a Cambridge Schools Partnership with six other state secondary schools in Cambridge to open up new opportunities for able students from lower income backgrounds across our city.