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Primary Geography

Caterham Geograhy has a developed a programme in partnership with Whyteleafe Primary.  Two teams of L6 Caterham Geography students run sessions over a four week cycle to Year 5 pupils on topics such as settlement location and the interaction of humans with the environment.


To develop critical thinking within a group, with supported conclusions.

To promote the importance of Geography with relevant and fun activities.

To develop a sense of a Geography community and develop the soft skills of the sixth form.


The geography link with Whyteleafe has developed over the last few years. It is pleasing that the project has recommenced following COVID and the curtailment of these activities, now stronger than ever.


Whyteleafe support the sessions with th time and space and with teacher support.  Caterham transport the 6th form to the session and provide the teaching resources.


The sessions were delivered by 16 Caterham L6 to 62 Whylteleafe pupils.