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Support for Community Sports Clubs

Caterham School contributes to the community through extensive support with staff and facilities.

These include:

Caterham Cricket Club

Caterham Cougars LaCrosse Club

Old Cats Rugby Club

The three sports clubs are fully open to the public for participation and membership, and are widely publicsed in the local community.


To facilitate thriving sports clubs in the community, encouraging wide participation and engagement.

To allow the wider community to access and benefit from the first class sports facilities at Caterham School.


The sports clubs use Caterham School pitches, parking, changing and social facilities.  All of this is heavily subsidised by the school and all the junior (school age) teams are not charged.


Membership of these three clubs is approximately 550 people, and is drawn from across the community.  

Caterham Cougars Lacrosse has 90 Junior members.

Caterham Cricket Club has 40 senior and 3o junior members.

Old Cats Rugby has 100 adult members, 120 Juniors and 100 in the 'Mini Rugby' section.

There are 70 non-playing members.




All Rugby sections play 25 home games each per season, with 20 sessions for the 100 mini rugby members.

Caterham Cricket Club have 21 senior and 17 junior home fixtures.

Caterham Cougars have 9 home fixtures per season.