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Science and Maths HOD support

Sunnydown School is a local secondary school for boys with autism and communication difficulties.  Its specialist nature has lead to an identified need for guidence at HOD level for Science and Maths.  Caterham School seconded a senior Maths and Science teacher to spend tow afternoons per half term assisting in science and maths departments.


The aim was to bring experience of management within bg, succesful departmnets at Caterham to guide smaller (not always specialist) departments for strategic improvement.


Sunnydown is a community, special needs school with currently 88 boys on roll. Our first visit was in September where we met a number of staff involved in the school. The Headteacher was very clear about the strengths and areas of development within the Science department. The department had been without a HoD for a number of months and the two science teachers, although great with the pupils, lacked the necessary experience to lead. We had a virtual meeting with the deputy head to gain a better understanding of the assessments and tracking used across all subjects in the school.

The school received an OFSTED inspection in October and I visited the school in November. This gave me an opportunity to discuss with (science teacher) the set up within the department and what he felt needed to be improved. The next few months were hampered with covid. However during the spring term, I helped develop the Science curriculum plans for Key stage 3 and 4, so that they allowed for progress across the 3 sciences. This was an area for development high-lighted by the inspection. 

During the summer term, I have been helped establish grade boundaries for their key stage 4 exams and am currently looking at a sample for their baseline assessments for year 7 to help establish their flight path. It is my intention that the science teachers will visit Caterham in the Autumn term.