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Governance and Support of the London Academy of Excellence

The school continues to give practical and financial help and support to the London Academy of Excellence (LAE), a Sixth Form College in Newham. The Headmaster sits on the governing body, our Deputy on the Education Committee and another member of staff visits the LAE each week to provide support and teaching in the modern languages department.

Members of the Caterham MFL department, who are also examiners, delivered a full days INSET for teachers at LAE Stratford and LAE Tottenham.

The new LAE students ofCaterham House visit in the Autumn term. These visits have been a resounding success, with friendships being forged between Caterham Sixth Formers and those from the LAE through a buddy scheme, whereby students from each school are matched together by their A-level subject choices. The LAE invites Caterham Sixth Formers to their school in the Spring Term for more academic discussion.


The LAE students wrote to Caterham School a saying: 'We found the trip to be an extremely beneficial experience to expand the connection between our schools, and made many new friends in the process.'

MFL Department regarding teacher support - 'She is just wonderful and the students are very appreciative of all her help and effort she puts in to preparing them for their oral exam.'

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