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Mandarin Chinese Outreach

Our native speaker Chinese teacher delivers one outreach lesson per week to pupils in Woolton Hill school. 


Tha aim is to share our expertise with neighbouring schools to broaden the linguistic experience of our local community of children. 


The opportunity was identified by the Principal of St Gabriel's who is keen to add more subjects to our outreach work. 


Our teacher is given one full day on her timetable to deliver outreach lessons to local Junior schools. She has travelling time built in, and uses the host school's facilities. There is no cost to the host schools.


We hope that the Junior school children will be inspired to continue their learning of this language in the future.

Pupil Involvement

Partner school: 4 groups of 16 pupils from Year 4 - boys and girls


On going project - at the moment for one term only but we are approaching the Junior school to see if they would like to keep this programme going for the rest of the academic year. If so, then we will offer this for future years too.