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Mr Richard Smith (Principal)

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Dance workshop


  • St Gabriel's School
  • Stockcross C.E. School, Stockcross, Newbury
  • Sport/DofE/cadets
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Impact Statement

• Since Sep 2018 we second our Mandarin Chinese teacher to a local state primary school every week and will continue to do so throughout the remainder of this academic year, to deliver 45 min lessons of Chinese as enrichment to Year 5 pupils. These pupils will then attend two cultural Chinese events at our school during the period Feb 2019 - Sep 2019. This provision increases pupils’ global, cultural awareness and enriches the diversity of their language learning experience.
• Similarly, we second our Classics teacher to another local state primary school every week to deliver a 45 min lesson of either Latin, Greek or classical civilisation to Year 5 pupils (demand changes according to the wishes of the school). This provision increases pupils’ cultural awareness of ancient civilisations and their impact on the evolution of modern society.
• We host two, Maths Challenge events for pupils from approximately 40 local state primary schools each academic year. Approximately 300 pupils benefit from this. These events provide opportunities for pupils to work on problem-solving activities which seek to improve team-building skills at the same time.
• Our dance teacher organised and hosted pupils from a local state primary school for a “Dance Dynamo” workshop day in the summer term2018. Pupils learn to work collaboratively to produce a performance-in-a-day, for parents. This event highlights the value of dance as physical exercise for enjoyment, social and health purposes.
• One of our science teachers hosted 90 x Year 3 pupils from a local primary school for a ‘laboratory experience’ workshop, in the summer term 2018. Pupils learned how to work safely in a laboratory and how to use a microscope to investigate cells. Pupils reported back their findings verbally and learned how to use scientific words appropriately to do this. This is a unique experience for these young pupils, as many would never have been in a science laboratory before.

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