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Laboratory Science Hands-On

Year 4 pupils learn what it is like to work in a science laboratory, with a range of hands-on experiments designed and led by a senior school physics specialist.


The aim is to provide primary pupils with a science laboratory experience, so that they can put the science they learn in a classroom into a different context. They are introduced to the health and safety requirements of working in a laboratory and learn how to use a variety of scientific equipment, working collaboratively to solve problems. Approx 50 pupils from Falkland School benefit from this experience each year. 


The science teacher from Falkland visited St Gabriel's for a meeting one evening, and in discussion we talked about how we might facilitate a laboratory experience for pupils from his school, as their facilities are below par and quite cramped. We have been working together for the past two years, pupils came initially to see the Moon Rocks when we had them on loan and this worked so well that our physics teacher offered to host a lesson for all Year 4 pupils (in groups throughout one day). 


St Gabriel's minibus and driver. Use of St Gabriel's science laboratory and science staff. No charge is made to the visiting school.

Pupil Involvement

No pupils involved from our school but this may change in the future. Partner school: approx 50 pupils from Year 4. Boys and girls. 


Single event held annually.