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Junior Maths Challenge

4 young mathematicians from each of 35 local primary schools come together at St Gabriel's to participate in a series of mathematical challenges. The activities take place over two afternoons (one for Year 5 pupils, and another for Year 4 pupils) and are led by Douglas Buchanan of "DC Beagle Challenges." 


The immediate beneficiaries are local primary school pupils with an interest and aptitude for mathematics. 


This has been running for five years now, very successfully. 


As mentioned earlier, the challenges are provided by Douglas Buchanan of "DC Beagle Challenges" and he runs the sessions. It uses the school's sports hall. There is no requirement for teaching staff from St Gabriel's to attend, although the maths department do pop in and out throughout the sessions. The Head of Juniors, the Principal and the Director of Education Partnerships attend to meet colleagues accompanying the pupils and the Registrar is also in attendance. Refreshments are provided by St Gabriel's catering department. St Gabriel's picks up all the cost and provides transport for schools that require it.


Pupils benefit from working in a competitive environment and with their peers from local schools.

Pupil Involvement

160 - 200 x Year 4 and Year 5 pupils - boys and girls, including 4 x St Gabriel's pupils from each year group. 


Annual event (latest event was 29th Jan & 8 Feb 2018