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Harris Primary Theatre Performance

In July 2018 we welcomed back Harris Primary East Dulwich to Alleyn’s theatre. The local primary School hired the theatre over two days, one rehearsal day and one performance day.

The School held two different performances involving all pupils at the School. The younger children performed a variety style show, whilst the older pupils performed a short play.



The theatre and extra technical equipment, including haze, moving lights and projection, was hired to the School free of charge. 

Theatre staff were on hand throughout the hire to operate lights and sound, and supervise the use of the theatre. Event staff coordinated the logistics of the hire, arranging a production meeting ahead of the hire, and helping with any requests on the day.

The only cost to the School was the specialised staff required for the hire.


The pupils enjoyed performing in a professional theatre in front of their family and friends.


Harris Primary East Dulwich will return to Alleyn's theatre in 2019