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Horniman Primary School Performances

Horniman Primary School has used the performance facilities at Alleyn's for multiple years. Year 6 pupils come to Alleyn’s in for their end of term musical.

The School often hires the theatre for two consecutive 12-hour days. The year 6 pupils split into two classes, each classes spending a full day rehearsing in the theatre, ending in an evening performance to family and friends.


This is an annual event and Horniman Primary School have used Alleyn's theatre for their end-of-term play for multiple years.

In 2016 a member of teaching staff at Horniman Primary contacted Alleyn's and following a discussion regarding the school's requirements a site visit was arranged. Alleyn's now contacts Horniman Primary on an annual basis to invite the school back to the theatre in the summer term.


The theatre venue and technical equipment were hired to the School free of charge. The only cost incurred by the School were for required staffing, necessary when running a professional theatre. 

The school used the MCT at Alleyn’s and technical equipment under the supervision of non-teaching staff. Alleyn’s Theatre Manager headed two production meetings prior to the hire to discuss all technical requirements. Event staff took care of all administrative aspects of the hire and duty staff managed the hire on the day. Alleyn’s technical staff operated lights and sound for the rehearsals and performance while also teaching one pupil the fundamentals in sound and lighting operation. 

Horniman Primary School hired the venue and equipment free of charge.


Year 6 teachers at the School commented that the children had a wonderful experience in the theatre.

“Please thank the whole technician and logistics teams for all their help over those two days. The parents loved the shows and the children loved performing and taking advantage of the wonderful facilities.”


Year 6 pupils at Horniman Primary School will return in the future.