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Southwark and Lambeth Ogden Trust Physics Partnership

Under the auspices of the Ogden Trust who aim to ‘maximise the opportunities available to young people in physics’, we are pleased to have established a relationship with Imperial College, The Charter School and Evelyn Grace Academy, to share resources and develop joint programmes to enrich and enthuse pupils in the subject of Physics.

The partnership between schools – core to the Ogden Trust strategy and supported by a London-based Ogden Regional Consultant – has led to a great range of opportunities for students, including, but not limited to, in-school lectures, University laboratory sessions, and school-visiting academic interns.

Alleyn’s is pleased to be the hub school for this partnership.


Coming together within a partnership, establishing links between staff and pupils at the three schools, the Southwark and Lambeth Ogden Trust Physics Partnership aims to share resources, develop joint programmes of enrichment, encourage inter-school lesson observations and above all, to enthuse pupils in the subject of Physics. 

The partnership began in September 2013 with the launch event - a lecture for 200 students, on the subject of 'Big bangs of Physics’. This event, and others that followed, certainly fulfilled our aims our inspiring young people and we have been pleased to provide similar inter-school events for KS3, KS4 and KS5 pupils.


On the back of existing relationships with Imperial College, Alleyn's School was approached by an Ogden Trust representative with an invitation to form a Physics partnership. Contact was established with The Charter School and Evelyn Grace Academy and within a short time, a fruitful partnership was established.

Members of staff from each of the three schools quickly identified a need, established a vision for type, frequency, and focus for such events as have now taken place.


Crucial to the Partnership's success are good working relationships between staff from the three schools, and a shared vision for the work. As such, time for meetings has been essential in preparing for events and helpful in establishing relationships conducive to sharing resources and arranging lesson observations.

Events have taken place at Alleyn's School and at Imperial College. Staff Partnership meetings have taken place in all three schools.

Financial contribution has been kindly made by the Ogden Trust, which has helped provide funding for speakers, transport and some laboratory equipment.


The primary benefit of the Partnership has been building the enthusiasm of students in the subject of Physics and the encouragement they have received to continue studying the subject beyond GCSE. Another benefit has been the establishment and development of relationships between staff at the three schools and the inevitable sharing of ideas for use in the classroom.

Pupil Involvement

We have been careful to organise events for pupils across all ages, KS3, KS4 and KS5, and of course, have ensured they are attractive to both boys and girls.


This is an ongoing relationship which we hope to see continue and grow - potentially with the involvement of other schools - well into the future.