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Community Swim Programme

Ashford School offers a comprehensive swimming programme which supports schools and young children in the local community.

Our Primary Learn To Swim programme teaches the Key Stage 2 Curriculum to visiting school's, typically working with children in year 5 and 6.

Our Community Learn To Swim programme caters for children from the ages of 3 and operates across all swimming stages. This programme operates after school and at weekends. 


To provide an outstanding Swimming programme for local Primary Schools and children in the local Ashford community.



Local swimming pools have closed and others offering a reduced programme of swimming lessons. With a pool on each of the senior and prep school sites, Ashford School is in the fortunate position to run a considerable swimming programme. 

The Primary School Swimming Programme was introduced in 2015 and has grown year on year.


Each Primary School swimming session is supported by 2 or 3 swimming teachers, dependent on ability and age of the pupils involved.

Wherever possible, Ashford School minibuses and drivers are used to transport pupils to and from their Primary School.

Community lessons run on a 1:6 ratio with up to four classes running concurrently. 

All swimming staff are employees of Ashford School. 

The charge to school's and individual families is considerably lower than commercial alternatives. 


In Primary Learn To Swim - there is ongoing assessment of all swimmers as they progress towards the expected National Curriculum outcomes. By the end of the programme, the vast majority can swim 25m and are able to self-rescue.

In the Community Learn To Swim Programme, children are continually assessed and moved through the stages when they are ready. Upon completing the the taught stages, children are directed to local competitive swim clubs, our internal swim academy or the sport of water polo. 

Pupil Involvement

Primary learn To Swim - is open to Primary school pupils of all ages and abilities but typically targetting KS2. 

21 Primary Schools have been supported over the last calendar year. 

This contributes to the 1000+ swimmers supported weekly, across the Primary Learn To Swim and Community Learn to Swim programmes. 

Over 3500 swimming hours in 2023. 

Although delivered by specialist swimming teachers, the programme is supported by Ashford School pupils looking to gain experience and/or qualification in swimming teaching/ coaching.


The programme runs throughout term time, 7 days a week and crash courses operate in the school holidays.