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Combined Cadet Force

Ashford School and Wye School work as partners to lead a CCF contingent of pupils from Year 9 to Year 13. 


Provide young students the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of this youth organisation.


Ashford School and Wye School began plans for a new CCF in 2016. Approval was granted and key staff appointed to enable the contingent to be up and running in September 2016. Now in its eighth year the group goes from strength to strength and plans are in place to include new United Learning school Chilmington Green when they have year 9 pupils in 2025. 



Ashford School will typically host the CCF weekly activity and events, supporting Wye with transport. 

Wye will provide staffing assistance. 

The CCF operate as a standalone group and engage with the community as well as Ministry of Defence and Royal British Legion to financially support their activities.

Pupil Involvement

Current numbers are well in excess of 50 pupils, with 60% coming from Ashford School and 40% from Wye School. 


A weekly session takes place on Wednesday evenings with regular weekend excursions and school holiday camps and trips.