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Year 1 ‘Ocean Views'

A Year 1 project based on their term’s topic of Oceans, the practical aspects involved age-appropriate tasks such as cutting card with scissors, stickers and colouring. The pupils learnt a simple marking out method using masking tape and that levels of accuracy help determine the quality of the finished project. The addition of layers and hidden/visible edges of card helped thinking in 3D and the more advanced children were able to include moving parts using string.


To provide experience for the children of more practical work than would not otherwise be possible.


The Design & Technology outreach programme was started in September 2015 and the department approached Rush Common.


The resources needed varies per project but generally uses Abingdon School’s workshop tools although extra resources are sometimes required. The D&T department facilities are used to prepare the resources for the lessons. 


This is difficult to assess or quantify however there has been very positive feedback from the children, parents of the children and the teachers.

Pupil Involvement

The project was delivered to two Year 1 classes of 30 children per class. Boys and girls of mixed abilities.


This project was a one-off project but the programme with the school is ongoing