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CREST Awards Programme - Abingdon Science Partnership

Abingdon Science Partnership, ASP, leaders run British Science Association CREST Star and Superstar Science Investigator award programmes in a number of KS1 classes, either in their own classrooms or in the ASP lab. The primary schools taking part include St. Edmund’s, Thomas Reade, Dunmore, St Nicolas CE, Thameside, Caldecott, Sunningwell CE and our own prep school, Abingdon Prep. The programme consists of eight 1-hour, hands-on activities in which children investigate a real-world problem, with resources provided by ASP. When all eight activities are completed, each pupil receives a certificate, badge and celebration show! ASP also offers CPD, advice and a kit-loan system to help teachers run this scheme in their own schools. 


* To aid pupils in gaining an appreciation of investigative work and developing key skills

* To provide time and resources that may not otherwise be available to schools

* To inspire teachers with ideas/equipment


The project has grown and developed since 2015. ASP now has duplicate kit boxes for 14 activities, with activity sheets to take home to explore the investigation further with family and friends. 



Science Partnership Co-ordinator to develop relationships with partner schools and the activities themselves. Finances to fund kit boxes for each activity and the cost of certificates. One member of teaching staff to lead each activity, plus (usually) one member of non-teaching staff to assist. Transport to and from the school (with kit). Use of the ASP lab for the celebration show. One science technician to maintain and prepare resources for each session.


In 2017-2018, over 300 local primary pupils completed the CREST Awards programme with ASP. Following the programme, one student wrote in a letter: “Thank you so much I really enjoyed it. I would really like to be a scientist when I grow up!”.

Pupil Involvement

Partner pupils are KS1, typically Year 2 classes.


This is an ongoing project that takes place every year at various time throughout the year depending on ASP staff availability. For each award, the group of pupils are visited eight times, typically every fortnight.