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Royal Institution Maths Masterclasses

The project is part of the Ogden Trust Abingdon Primary Science Partnership initiative. Year 12 students studying maths receive training from the Royal Institution and then run a series of six advanced maths masterclasses for Year 6 pupils from local primary schools.


To provide extension classes for able mathematicians from local primary schools and leadership opportunities for Year 12 students.


The Royal Institution Maths Masterclass series has been running for a number of years and is an ideal activity to offer local schools. It is supported by the Abingdon Science Partnership, which has supported the masterclass series in Abingdon since 2016.


A member of staff from the Abingdon School maths department selects, trains and supervises the Y12 students in delivering the masterclass series. A one day training event is run early in the academic year by the Royal Institution. Abingdon School provides a classroom and any learning resources needed.


Three cohorts of up to 30 primary school children will have completed the Masterclasses in 2019. The schools select their most able mathematicians, who are given the opportunity to experience advanced mathematical ideas, interact with each other and the older mentors and to experience maths in a more relaxed and fun environment than a normal lesson. Each participant receives an official Royal Institution certificate on completion, raising the profile of maths in the community.


This is an ongoing project which occurs annually.