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GCSE classes in Astronomy, Latin and Geology

Extra GCSE classes in Latin, Geology and Astronomy are being offered to more than 20 local Key Stage 4 students from three partner state schools, Larkmead School, Fitzharrys School and John Mason School.


To offer interested and able students the opportunity to gain a GCSE in subject areas not offered in their own schools.


Latin GCSE has been offered for over ten years at Abingdon to local maintained school students. This has been expanded to Astronomy and Geology.


Teacher time - five members of staff give an hour a week of their own time to deliver the course.


Assessed grades of the current cohort will be established in the summer 2019.

Pupil Involvement

More than 20 students from three nearby secondary schools take part in the current program.


The students attend 1-2 lessons each week after school.