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National Theatre New Views Playwriting Programme

The aim of the project is to enable a number of Larkmead students to write their own plays with tuition and a National Theatre playwright serving as a visiting tutor.


The project came about after an approach to Larkmead by Jeremy Taylor. The project meetings began in January 2019.


Abingdon staff: Jeremy Taylor , National Theatre Playwright: Chino Odimba. Financial contribution from Abingdon School.


The aim of the project is for the Larkmead students to complete their own short plays (30 minutes max), by April, 2019. The impact on the students will be in giving them a sense of achievement, and improved confidence and prospects through the acquisition of new skills. 

Pupil Involvement

The project involves 5 Larkmead pupils


An ongoing project, started in January 2019 to July 2019. The project runs annually.