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Fitzharrys - Abingdon Film Academy

The project enables a number of Fitzharrys students to make their own films under the guidance of Abingdon School’s professional film tutors.



The project came about after an approach to Fitzharrys by Jeremy Taylor. The project has been running since September 2018.


Abingdon staff and freelance staff from Abingdon Film Unit’s professional tutors. Abingdon Film Unit’s three cameras, three sound kits, lights and 12 laptops for editing 

Financial contribution by Abingdon School towards the cost of AFU tutors plus the School makes available its film equipment.


The aim of the project is for the Fitzharrys’ students to complete their own film ideas, completing anything between 1 and 6 short films by October 2019. The impact on the students will be in giving them a sense of achievement, and improved confidence and prospects through the acquisition of new skills. 

Pupil Involvement

The project involves 6 Fitzharrys pupils: 2 boys aged 13, 2 girls aged 13, 1 boy aged 15, 1 girl aged 15.


Ongoing project, running throughout the 2018/19 academic year. The project will be repeated each academic year.