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RAW Workshop - Abingdon Film Academy

The aim of the project is for Abingdon students to make a short promotional film in support of RAW Workshop, a social enterprise producing high quality products that employs, trains and supports people who face prejudice and barriers to work. Over 85% of the RAW team will be striving to succeed in the face of issues such as physical or learning difficulties, mental health illness, recovery from addiction and criminal histories.


The project came about after an approach to RAW Workshop’s director, Rick Mower, by Jeremy Taylor, in October, 2017. The project has been in planning since December, 2017.


Abingdon staff and students plus freelance staff - Abingdon Film Unit’s professional tutors - Staff at RAW to appear in the film as actors.

Abingdon Film Unit’s three cameras, three sound kits, lights and 12 laptops for editing 

Financial contribution by Abingdon School. The School also makes available its film equipment.


The impact of this film can only be measured once the film is complete, of course. However, it is hoped the film will help RAW Workshop to promote itself and its activities in a way it might not otherwise have the resources to do. It is hoped the impact on those members of RAW Workshop taking part in the film will be to give them increased confidence and new skills, perhaps helping to improve their self-esteem. The impact on the Abingdon students will be in giving them a sense of achievement from having contributed to a worthwhile enterprise. 

Pupil Involvement

The project involves two Year 12 Abingdon pupils



Ongoing project, running throughout the 2018/19 academic year.