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Academic Mentoring - Abingdon School in Partnership

The partnership involves over 25 sixth formers from each of the three schools, Abingdon, Larkmead and Fitzharrys. The students work in small cross school groups of between 4-6 to plan, resource and deliver a section of the key stage 3 English or Maths curriculum to groups of 10-15 year 8 and 9 students across all of the three partner schools. Topics covered included creative writing in English and in maths dividing fractions, quadratic sequences and polygons. The project is to be extended to include science teaching following a similar model involving Abingdon School, Fitzharrys School, Larkmead School and John Mason School.


The aims of the project are to promote leadership, collaboration and teamwork for the sixth formers in each of the schools. It provides opportunities to secure subject knowledge and experience of teaching younger students. It is also designed to support key stage 3 students with the fundamentals of the maths and English curriculum.


The project evolved out of a four year partnership with one of our local partner schools Fitzharrys. In the academic year 2017/18 we developed a maths and science academic mentoring program and in 2018/19 we were joined by an additional local school, Larkmead. English and Maths mentoring took place in November 2018 and science in February/March 2019.


Resources critical to the success of the project include the dedication of staff who are subject specialists and who give up their time to support and guide the sixth formers and the key stage 3 students. We also used some subject specific resources.


55 students and staff involved in the project were surveyed. 82% found it very worthwhile or worthwhile and 80% would strongly recommend or recommend it to a peer. Of the sixth formers surveyed, 100% found it very worthwhile or worthwhile and would strongly recommend or recommend it to a peer.

Pupil Involvement

55 students are involved with 25 sixth formers from Abingdon, Larkmead School and Fitzharrys and 30 Year 8 and Year 9 pupils mainly from Fitzharrys and Larkmead.


Five sessions of 1 hour after school including one sixth form planning session and four teaching sessions.