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Theatre Venue Provision and CPD

Creative work to benefit our classes and to provide audience opportunities, enrichment and CPD for other schools.

This has included hosting a production of Penguins with Prime Theatre for the Octagon Theatre, Bolton – sponsored by Stonewall. The family diversity-themed performance was opened to primary schools across Bolton and Bolton School hosted 600+ primary visitors.


Share expertise to develop school-facing opportunities.

Support theatre’s schoolwork by providing additional venues.


The partnership with Octagon Theatre has been existent since 2015. Beyond workshops with visiting staff for our own pupils, the Octagon has used School has a venue for primary audiences. We also work in partnership with them in BCEP.


The Octagon Theatre used the School's Arts Centre venue for the performance.

Pupil Involvement

600+ primary school children attended the performances of Penguins.


Ongoing with intermittent focus on new projects within the continued partnership.