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STEM Racing Challenge

Bolton School hosts a STEM challenge day themed around motorsport in which Year 9 pupils design and build their own miniature electronic racing car and take part in competitive races.


Bolton School's Arts Centre is used to host the challenge. The University of Bolton provides an additional experience in the form of a lunchtime visit from one of their racing cars, which requires the use of the Riley Quad at the centre of Bolton School.

Bolton School's Sixth Form students studying electronics assist with the day on a voluntary basis, offering help and advice to the Year 9 students. These students also build the 'race track' on which timings for each pupil-built race car are recorded.

Members of staff from the Boys' Division Department of Design, Technology and Engineering set the challenge and also offer their expertise and advice throughout the day.

Pupil Involvement

Sixth Form students from Bolton School volunteer to assist with the day.

Year 9 pupils from Bolton School and local schools take part in the challenge.