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Primary Football Festivals

Bolton School hosts annual Football Festivals for over 1,000 primary school pupils from the local area.

The event for teams in Years 3-4 is non-competitive, while teams in Years 5-6 compete on a separate day for the cup. There is sometimes a Years 7-8 Girls' Football Festival in addition.


Bolton School's extensive grounds are used to host the Football Festivals, which take place on two evenings in the summer term, or three if the Years 7-8 Girls' event is running. 17 pitches are created, allowing for 17 simultaneous football matches, which run throughut the evening(s).

School staff organise and run the events. Students in Years 10-13 help to referee the matches.

Pupil Involvement

Bolton School's Year 10-13 students often volunteer as referees at the Football Festivals.

Two Football Festivals are held each year. The Years 3-4 event usually involves around 500 children from local primary schools, while the Years 5-6 event involves around 800-1000 pupils.

In some years, a Year 7 Girls' Football Festival is held, again involving hundreds of local school pupils.


The Football Festivals take place once every year in the Summer Term. These events have been taking place since the summer of 2007.