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National Maths and Physics SCITT Partner School and Hub

The National Maths and Physics School Cantered Initial Teacher Training (NMAP SCITT) is designed to enable trainees to meet the standards for Qualified Teacher Status.

Trainees spend the majority of the year in their placement school. They attend a three-day residential induction course at the end of August, with all other NMAP SCITT trainees and are then available to join the main placement school for their INSET days starting any time from the start of a new academic year in September. There is a six week placement in a second school, for the first half of the Spring term, which will be in a contrasting context compared to the main placement. For one day per week, throughout the school year, trainees attend training at their local Hub school; for the remaining four days, trainees are in their placement schools. Trainees’ progress is tracked throughout the year against the Teachers’ Standards using an online portfolio, which is the trainees’ responsibility to keep up to date. Trainees must have the chance to teach across all years in Key Stages 3 and 4 during the course of their training year. Trainees are supernumerary and therefore do not have classes of their own but work alongside class teachers. There are National Training Days when trainees from all hubs come together and are able to network and share experiences.

Everyone involved in the training shares a common interest: to support trainees to succeed in gaining Qualified Teacher Status and achieve their goal of entering the teaching profession. The aim is to develop professional independence and resilience. To help realise this ambition, trainees can expect advice and support from experienced practitioners.


Specifically the programme will:

- Support trainees in all aspects of their professional work

- Offer constructive, honest and fair feedback on how trainees are performing and guidance about how to develop

- Provide training one day per week for the trainees

- Provide the opportunity to complete a PGCE with the University of Buckingham

- Seek feedback from trainees and mentors about how the course could be improved


The project was set up through Government funding to fulfil the shortage in Maths and Physics teachers in the UK. It was established in 2017.


Support, via master classes, from the Institute of Maths and the Institute of Physics.


The trainee attains QTS achieved from

A PGCE achieved from Buckingham University.

The trainee gains employment, ideally in the state sector.

Pupil Involvement

All pupils of secondary school age are involved, coupled with short placements in primary schools.


Ongoing, annually.