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Musical treat for members of Morris Court, Faithful House and Aspell House

Members of three local residential homes came to Dean Close to be treated to a music concert by some of Dean Close's finest musicians. This was to give them a high quality afternoon of entertainment followed by tea.


This was to give a group of elderly people a high quality afternoon of entertainment followed by tea. This required coordination with the residential home staff and the voluntary help of Dean Close pupils and staff.


The member of staff in charge of the Community Action Programme at Dean Close approached the residential homes with the offer for some of our students to provide musical entertainment, which was gratefully received.


Dean Close hosted this group of people on site and provided refreshments as well as the music.


The impact is assessed through the verbal and written feedback of our visitors, their carers and the Dean Close pupils involved.

Pupil Involvement

20 Dean Close musicians in Years 11-13 provided the musical programme and also acted as hosts of our 20 guests.


This is an annual event.