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Firewalk for Blue Skye Thinking

Firewalk at Dean Close for Blue Skye Thinking. This charity is close to the hearts of many in the Dean Close Community because of the close involvement of one particular staff member, whose son Skye is the child after whom the charity is named.


The aim is to raise money towards the recruitment of researchers into childhood brain tumours, and the prefect team in particular have led on fund-raising events/


Our support has been going for two years now and is ongoing.


Dean Close has offered its facilities for events.


The impact is assessed by the numbers of pupils and the wider Dean Close community involved and by the amount of money raised.

Pupil Involvement

Pupils of all ages take part in the fund-raising activity.


Although the Firewalk is a one-off event, last year saw a 'Yoga in the Park' event too so fund-raiing events happen each year.