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Volunteer Classroom Assisting


St James welcomed Dean Close Sixth Formers into their classes as Teaching Assistants for the day.




The two aims were for the Dean Close Sixth Formers both to support the work of the teachers at Warden Hill as well as to experience the opportunity to give that support and develop their communication and social skills. This required a willingness for the classroom teachers to have older pupils in their lessons and for the Sixth Former pupils to be positive and engaging with much younger pupils.




The member of staff in charge of the Community Action Programme at Dean Close approached the Primary School Office with the offer for some of our students to help for a day, which was gratefully received.




The Sixth Form pupils were taken across town to Warden Hill but the main resource given was time.



Oral feedback from both St James' teachers and from our Dean Close pupils enables the impact to be assessed, as well as the invitation to return more regularly!

Pupil Involvement


This involved 12 Sixth Form pupils with each one in a different primary school class.




This is the first event but it is hoped by both schools to be something to be continued in the future regularly.