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Oasis centre children's activities

8 Dean Close pupils every week run activities for children in Hester's Way in partnership with Cheltenham Youth for Christ


The aim of this partnership is to provide after-school activities for children, which supports their parents. This involves collaboration with the Cheltenham Youth for Christ staff and requires the time and energy of the pupil volunteers from Dean Close.


This project began 4/5 years ago under the original sponsorship of St Aidan's and the opportunity for Dean Close volunteers to become involved was identified by two members of staff who live in Hester's Way.


The resources used are pupils' and one teacher's time and energy, and transportation costs to Hester's Way.


The impact is assessed by verbal and written feedback, as well as the expansion of numbers of children and their parents, who now come regularly.

Pupil Involvement

8 Years11-13 Dean Close pupils are involved and the number of Hester's Way primary age children who attend varies from week to week, typically 10-15.


This is a 'weekly during termtime' project.