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Society Meetings

Eton hosts over 70 societies at the College, which cover a vast range of interests and topics, offering something to pique the interest of every student. Society meetings typically run at 8.30pm each evening and cover academics, career pathways, sports, philosophy, arts, music, social and environmental action and much more.  As well as student-led discussion meetings, societies also invite guest speakers who are current experts in their field.

Local partner schools are invited and welcome to attend society meetings. When hosted at the College a teacher from their school accompanies them.

As of March 2020, society meetings have been hosted online through Zoom due to Covid restrictions. By using the webinar format more external students have been able to access society meetings as they can log in from home.

Recordings of the online meetings are made available to watch any time through Planet E-Stream for all students and teachers at partner schools.


Society meetings aim to provide opportunities for students to consider what is on offer in the world beyond school and the curriculum. By inviting external student to join society meetings, we are not only able to share the knowledge of great speakers with our partner schools but their students bring a fresh perspective and insight to discussions each week.

Eton is a more diverse place than it has ever been and this is well reflected in the growing popularity of societies that celebrate and champion diversity in its many forms – from our Social Impact Society, the Disability and Social Awareness Society, LGBTQ Equality Soc and FemSoc to the African & Caribbean Society. Passion for the environment and an awareness of the fragility and wonder of our physical world has driven popular meetings of the Environment Society.


Society meetings are a historic part of Eton culture. External students have been joining meetings over the year, however numbers have increased dramatically since moving the talks online in 2020. 


Meetings are either hosted online through Eton’s Zoom accounts or at Eton College.


Over 50 external students attend meetings each week through Zoom.

Pupil Involvement

Open to all Eton students and those at partner/local schools.