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Primary Physics Professional Learning (P3L+) Conference

In collaboration with the Ogden Trust, Eton hosted the Primary Physics Professional Learning (P3L+) Conference. This event was designed for science coordinators and primary teachers looking to incorporate more practical physics and scientific skills within their curriculum.

This free event included four workshops delivered by experts from the Ogden Trust, as well as, a tour, lunch and refreshments from Eton College.

Over 60 teachers attended from 50 different schools (some listed below).


Eton aimed to support the Ogden Trust in promoting the teaching and learning of physics in primary schools. The four hands-on workshops focused on the teaching of science in the classroom with methods which were easy to implement and low-no budget.


The Primary Physics Professional Learning course (P3L) is a physics CPD programme from The Ogden Trust for primary teachers; it is delivered through training days hosted nationally by independent schools and universities. P3L is designed to cover the key concepts of the physics primary curriculum, but provides clear cross-curricular links to other areas.


Eton provided the space, bookings, refreshments and the takehome 'goody bags' for teachers. These were filled with materials they could back to their own classrooms. 


Feedback from the teachers was hugely positive, for example: 

"The day was filled with exciting ways to make science more engaging and practical for pupils but the session that stood out most to me was the Electrifying English workshop. This session highlighted practical ways to use stories as a stimulus for science and ultimately develop purposeful cross-curricular links where pupils are able to develop a deeper and transferable understanding of science. I have shared this approach with staff through school INSET and we have embedded a more cross-curricular approach to science and English." - Year 6 teacher at Iqra Primary School


This is an annual event.