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The Eton and Holyport Aspirations Project

The Eton Aspirations Project (EAP), a mentoring scheme run by a group of Year 12 Etonians for a group of Holyport College students in Years 7 and 8, has seen its fourth cohort graduate from the programme.


EAP aims to strengthen the relationship between Eton and Holyport by giving Etonians experience as mentors for younger children and offer Holyport students an extra-curricular activity that supports the development of confidence, critical thinking and public speaking.


Begun in 2016 by a senior boy, and facilitated by Master-in-Charge, the project enables boys to demonstrate their passion for complex ideas through teaching them to others. After its fourth year, the EAP is a key part of Eton and Holyport’s yearly calendar of joint events.


The programme takes place in weekly sessions across two terms. The first term investigates maths and logic problems, the second focusing more broadly on humanities and creative arts subjects. Each session is prepared and led by a student from Eton, on a wide range of topics ranging from psychology to playwriting.

Senior boys visit Holyport College to deliver the activities and discussions they have planned themselves. Boys consider carefully how to best engage Year 7 and 8 students to respond to questions which extend their skills beyond the classroom.

The final presentations are hosted at Eton College.

In 2021, all sessions and presentations took place virtually due to Covid restrictions.


Without a doubt, the quality of the experience for the students at Holyport, and for the Etonians who participate has improved year on year.

The programme culminates in an evening session where students from Holyport visit Eton College to present some of the ideas and concepts they had been exploring. It is fair to say that the Holyport students always come up with an even more eclectic display of presentations each year, with topics ranging from sequencing to philosophy, from black holes to wild cats!

It has been a privilege to observe the Holyport students growing in confidence in their ability to articulate ideas and in their willingness to explore the topics that interest them. We have learnt as much from them as they have from us. It is safe to say that the EAP has been hugely enjoyable programme for all involved, and a very successful one too.

Pupil Involvement

30 Year 12 Etonians.

Holyport College students in Years 7 and 8.


Annual activity held weekly over two terms.