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Physics CPD - Rockets Day

The Eton Outreach Department partnered with The Ogden Trust, which is a charitable trust that exists to promote the teaching and learning of physics, to provide a Rockets Day CPD training workshop attended by 9 teachers and 2 students.

The Science Master at Eton College led the workshop.


The aim of the project was to provide Physics teachers with the tools and knowledge to teach A Level students how to use Tracker motion analysis software; launch rockets and record the launches with smart phones and then analyse the launches using Tracker software and talk on building an engineering model in Excel.


The 1-day workshop was held at Eton College and created and facilitated by the Science Master at Eton.  The workshop was free for teachers, who were able to take rocket kits and documentation back to their schools.


The feedback was extremely positive.  Here is a selection of comments from the attendees:

“I will be using this activity with both my L6/U6 pupils and external pupils attending a "University Prep" week in July.  I will also look to use the software in a range of other experiments.  Discussion with other attendees was helpful too.”

“I will be able to share this with 11 Physics Teachers.  The use of the software will enable over 100 A Level students and a 1000 GCSE students to better access practicals that are a part of the new specification.”

“This day will lead to significantly more engaging lessons across KS2-5.”

“Allows teachers to access resources and ideas that are not normally accessible.  Affords pupils to engage in fun and exciting activities that enable them to learn independently.”


The first workshop of this type was run on 14th June 2017. We are hoping to run similar events in the future.