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Science Festival: Wordsworth Primary School

The Science Festival is a three day event at KES to elements of which students from local schools are invited. 60 students from Y5 at Wordsworth will be attending a Rocket Making workshop as well as a Laser Light Show.


The aims of the project are to inspire enthusiasm for the sciences and to encourage further study and investigation.


This is a new project this academic year, developed by the Head of Science at KES.


The resources critical to the success of this project are the member of teaching staff who runs the Rocket Making workshop, a two-hour workshop, and the external group bringing the Laser Light Show into school, alongside the organisation of the Head of Science. There is a financial contribution made to bringing the external group into school.

Pupil Involvement

The whole school at KES will be involved in the Science Festival, alongside students from Y5 at Wordsworth as well as a range of other local schools.


This is a single event which may be repeated every other year.