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Mathematics Enrichment

A twice-termly Mathematics session led by a Mathematics teacher at KES for able mathematicians from a number of different local schools.


The aims of this project are to provide support with stretch and challenge for the most able mathematicians from local schools to help to broaden their knowledge beyond the curriculum and inspire them to further study and endeavour.  The success factors are that students are being challenged within a friendly and supportive environment, completing tasks which are intended to engage and motivate.


This partnership has been running for a number of years with a variety of different schools participating over this period.


The principle resource critical to the success of the project is the lead teacher who runs the course.  They give up one and a half hours twice-termly to run the sessions, alongside associated planning time.  A small financial contribution is made in the provision of refreshments and resources.  The group is held on the KES school site and minibus transport is provided where required.


Qualitative assessment is collected from the lead teacher from each school in terms of the efficacy of the project in engaging students at an appropriate level.

Pupil Involvement

The pupils are from Y6 in the participating schools, and there are usually 15-20 in total of mixed gender.


This is an ongoing project run twice per term with no plans for its discontinuation.