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ICT Club with Springhill Catholic Primary School

An ICT club where an ICT teacher from KES, alongside Gifted and Talented KS4 students, work to teach a group of 16 primary school students how to plan, design and market their own apps, competing to produce the most commercially viable version. The projects are designed so that students and teachers can take back ideas to share with the rest of their class.








The aim of the project is to allow primary schools to benefit from the resources, facilities and teaching experience available at KES and to inspire students who are either particularly interested in ICT or who are, in other respects, somewhat disengaged with the school curriculum.


The key resource for this project is the ICT teacher who runs the group and the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm he brings.  An ICT suite at KES is used where students are provided with access to the school system and the necessary programs for creating the app.  The club runs once a year for a six-week block.


Qualitative assessment is collected from the Partnership Coordinator at Springhill School and the feedback has been very positive.  He comments on the efficacy of the programme, particularly in terms of the impact on the more disengaged students.

Pupil Involvement

Around 16 students from Y6 are involved, of mixed gender, alongside three students from KES.


This activity has been running for a number of years once per year for six sessions.  There are no plans to discontinue the group.