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Science Club

A science club run for Gifted and Talented students making use of the equipment and facilities available on the KES site in two eight-week blocks over two terms.


The aims of the project are to inspire enthusiasm in the sciences amongst primary school students by giving them access to the expertise, equipment, and facilities available at KES.


The science department resources and equipment are critical to the success of this project, alongside the member of the Science teaching staff who runs the group.  A small financial contribution towards equipment is needed.


The feedback from the school has been very positive, with frequent reports of students being inspired to further learning and work following the projects undertaken.

Pupil Involvement

Around 16 students from Y6 at Springhill are involved in the project of mixed gender.  Several students from KES help with the planning and delivery of the project.


This activity has been running for many years, in the Autumn and Spring terms, for two, eight-week blocks.  It is intended that this will continue for the foreseeable future.