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Rotation Dance Exchange Schools Championship

Support of a regional schools competition employing local and international dancers of different styles (categories such as Hip Hop, Breakdance, Live and Experimental) alongside musicians and Hip Hop DJs to create an event. Workshops were delivered in schools across the North West ahead of the final, creating a schools network for these dance forms where there had been none previously.


Staff time and expertise in partnership brokerage, venue, catering and technical support.


The final was attended by eight primary and secondary schools from across the North West – approximately 120 pupil competitors for the first schools dance competition of its kind in the region. The majority of participating schools were drawn from priority areas of Greater Manchester; many pupils had not previously left the inner city areas of their school settings. It was an aspirational event including professional male and female dancers. The Netherlands’ 2023 Olympic Breakdancing entrant, Cis Brans, was a judge and performed at the event.